Welcome Chick-fil-A to Founders Camp

Announcing our most recent headline sponsor

Welcome Chick-fil-A to Founders Camp

The Dynamo team and I are excited to welcome Chick-fil-A, Inc. as a corporate sponsor of Founders Camp! We first met the Chick-fil-A New Ventures Team in 2016 during the initial launch of Dynamo. Chick-fil-A is working to keep itself at the forefront of new technology and innovative business models as their business grows in size and complexity. The New Ventures Team has created The Conduit within Chick-fil-A to provide a clear process to match startups with well-defined business challenges.

One of the key themes for solution finding at Dynamo is food supply chains and distribution. Having Chick-fil-A’s project leaders involved in Founders Camp will multiply the potential for valuable, tangible outcomes for all the stakeholders.

Chick-fil-A has dedicated itself to aligning its business offering with evolving customer preferences and consumption habits. The brand is widely known for its “best in class” customer service and it is applying that fundamental service expectation to its tests of meal kits, meal delivery and locally sourced foods.

The presence of Chick-fil-A will allow participating Founders to benefit from enhanced understanding of challenges in the large scale food supply chain. Startup leaders will also gain perspective from a large prospective customer and will grow their network of forward thinking experts in the space.

“Chick-fil-A is delighted to be part of the Dynamo community of creative problem solvers. Our business has grown significantly and we are committed to partnering with market leading technology startups to address our logistical complexities. We are eager to find ways that our healthy growth will contribute to the growth of others.”

- John Featherston, Senior Director, New Ventures

With the welcoming of Chick-fil-A, we previously extended our application window to 8/12 at 11:59 PM PT. Apply here. Please direct questions and inquiries to hello@dynamo.vc.

2018 Program Overview

Founders Camp is best suited on founders building revolutionary businesses across supply chain and transportation. For this cycle, we are also very interested in five thematic areas.

2018 Thematic Areas

  1. trucking technology
  2. industry-specific applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technology
  3. industry-relevant applications of machine learning
  4. products/solutions related to agriculture and the food chain
  5. warehouse automation

Competitive companies will have a strong team, a product/service built, and early traction with customers/users. Those companies that are looking to raise a seed or Series A would benefit from our focus on relevant operational advice and customer introductions. We encourage companies from abroad who are considering an entry into the US. There is no cost to a startup to participate — we do not take equity or ask for a program fee.

Benefits of Participation

Founders will be introduced to a global network of founders and corporates who can help them build a valuable business:

Gain operational insights from proven operators and managers who have scaled startups and enterprises. On the journey of building a business, founders often times come to us seeking advice related to one or more functional areas. As a result, we introduce them to founders and operators who are able and willing to provide their expert opinions. At Founders Camp, we will have workshops and discussions with leading minds regarding customer success, enterprise sales, product management, scaling teams, and more. Our programming will address the needs of the founders invited to attend.

Introductions to potential customers and partners at both medium and large, Fortune 500 companies. The best founders know there’s no better dollar than a customers’ dollar — we agree. Founders will spend face-to-face time with both mid-sized and large businesses to gain feedback on their product and discuss opportunities to work together. Founders will leave with a great pipeline of potential customers and partners who are looking to solve problems and capture opportunities with technology.

Over $1M in benefits via the F6S Alpha Card program and other partner benefits. We know that startups must “do a lot with a little” so our friends at F6S have extend their Alpha Card program to participating companies. This includes a free roundtrip flight, discounted lodging, and infrastructure credits. Thank you to the F6S team!

We believe that Founders Camp will provide a forum for startups and corporates to engage where both can walk away with benefits. Expanding one’s network, getting quality advice, and engaging in thoughtful discussions shouldn’t have to be costly. Founders Camp will help founders build their business and drive meaningful traction.

About Dynamo

Dynamo is an early stage fund that invests in extraordinary founders building startups that can transform global trade and commerce with a focus on “logistics technology” that encompasses supply chain and transportation. Dynamo are equipped to support founders through the seed spectrum in their effort to transform the backbone of the global economy.

About Founders Camp

Founders Camp is for early stage startups transforming global trade and commerce. It’s a four day program focused on helping founders build their business through operator-led workshops and drive meaningful traction through introductions to a variety of corporations. The concept of a “camp” draws from our hometown, Chattanooga’s heritage and strength as a capital for logistics technology and an epicenter for outdoor culture. Camp will start the evening of 10/8 through lunch on 10/12 in Chattanooga, TN.

Applications close on 8/12 at 11:59 PM PT with invitations extended by 8/30. Apply here. Please direct questions and inquiries to hello@dynamo.vc.

Image Source: Chick-Fil-A


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