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our Approach

In an effort to be more transparent, we invite founders to read our three-part series around what we invest in, how we make decisions, and how we support companies post-investment.

Breadth of Scope

We are interested in supply chain and mobility startups with enterprise business models that are at the pre-seed or seed-stage.

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Decision Making Process

We pride ourselves in our ability to be quick and thorough. We can offer a term sheet within four weeks of a first meeting.

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Post Investment Support

We have a thoughtful, phased approach to portfolio support. Our focal areas are product/strategy, sales, and talent introductions.

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the future of supply chain

On each episode of the Future of Supply Chain, we sit down with a different entrepreneur, investor, or industry veteran to discuss innovation, technology, and the most exciting opportunities in supply chain as we build the future of the industry together.

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we are dynamo

We invest globally in companies that are redefining global supply chains, rethinking the concept of mobility, and most importantly, led by an exceptional team.