The Origins of LEAF Logistics

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The Origins of LEAF Logistics

In a recent “Origins” episode of The Future of Supply Chain, Anshu and Santosh chatted through Anshu’s journey to become the CEO and co-founder at Leaf Logistics. From his early days working for the startup, VerticalNet, to his days as a Partner at A.T. Kearney, before founding Leaf Logistics; Anshu had the opportunity to gain insight into the logistics industry. He shares how he is now leveraging over 20 years of experience to transform the way the industry contracts freight.

Anshu began by sharing that his early studies at Cornell University were in the field of biochemistry, and he was intrigued by the field because it allowed him to understand the inner-workings organisms and biological systems. His curiosity in biochemistry, and later in technology, fueled him to seek out others that he could learn and grow from throughout his career.

LEAF Logistics, founded in 2017, was designed to empower shippers, carriers, brokers, and logistics service providers to manage freight with unprecedented reliability. Using predictive analytics and AI, LEAF enables members to quickly identify the best contracting opportunities for their network, lowering costs and improving operations. Decisions are secured using a LEAF Forward contracts that are enforceable by both shippers and carriers.

While the discussion does speak to the goals and aspirations of LEAF Logistics, Anshu and Santosh spent more time chatting about how to identify various pain points in an industry, and then collaborating with real customers to find a way to solve for those challenges while ensuring that the day to day business can still get done. Anshu shared how he and his peers spent time getting out into the world and meeting with and learning from folks in other industries that had changed the game. Anshu felt strongly that he could learn from their experiences and apply that expertise into his objectives for Leaf.

Anshu shared the significance in meeting customers where they are, understanding and appreciating the work they are doing, the way they are doing it, and why they are doing it. In fact, he shared adamantly that “they are not going to risk their most important goal for the sake of a shiny new object. Their job is too important.”

At the end of the session, Santosh asked Anshu about his favorite business book, one that impacted him as a founder and in the way he has approached building and growing LEAF Logistics. Without hesitation, Anshu indicated that Measure What Matters, has allowed him to tie growth strategies to business priorities, which can help move the business forward. One of Anshu’s parting thoughts for this conversation was that “you need to separate the noise, and focus on the signal.”

You can hear the full episode here to learn more about how LEAF Logistics captures feedback from employees, and how those insights are turned into actionable operating intelligence for their organization.

To learn more about LEAF Logistics, visit their website here.

Image Source: Dynamic Transit Co. on Unsplash


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