Supply Chain Technology in 2021

Thoughts from executives across supply chain

Supply Chain Technology in 2021

At Dynamo, we maintain frequent contact with professionals across the supply chain - you name the function and we have an expert in the network. Over the last few weeks, we asked executives to share what’s top of mind for them as they gear up for a new year. Here’s what they had to say...

“Security, proximity and automation! Each technology has been pulled ahead and will be accelerating in 2021. Cyber Security is being pushed to stay ahead of the bad guys. Ransomware attacks are increasing at an alarming rate. The supply chain is a vulnerable entry point that must be well managed and maintained. The use of proximity sensors for COVID exposure tracking accelerated learning through large deployments. Other applications will be more deeply explored in the year ahead.  Automation opportunities like goods-to-person are creating benefits beyond just order fulfillment efficiency and storage density. Being able to eliminate community spread by stopping cross traffic interactions within the warehouse is a huge additional benefit during the pandemic. These technologies are being layered together with older systems (ie pick-to-light) at a cost that will create broader adoption.”

- David Caines, COO, Kenco Group

“The need for speed is real. Delivery speed expectations will continue to rise in 2021. We need to be sharper across the entire supply chain specifically from order management to last mile delivery to meet customer expectations of faster, on-time deliveries.”

- RJ Cilley, CDO, Hudson’s Bay Company

If that past year has taught us anything it’s that a strong, resilient supply chain is vital to meeting consumers’ needs whenever, wherever, however they want to shop. The year ahead will be about continued stabilization, ensuring the safety of associates on the ground that make the supply chain run every day, as well as continued – and even accelerated – work to build a fully-integrated supply chain that truly meets the needs of the omnichannel shopper.”

- Dan Covert, Director of Supply Chain R&D, Ahold Delhaize

“To deliver value and innovation in 2021, NVOs need to recognize that we are not in the transportation business, but rather the information business. Only then can we truly provide excellence in supply-chains and improve the customer experience.”

- Simon Kaye, CEO, Jaguar Freight Services

“There is enough data out there from shippers, intermediaries, and carriers to develop predictive and prescriptive forecasting. This is an opportunity for like-minded stakeholders to come together and form partnerships to build push-pull models around managing logistics supply/demand.”

- Siva Narayanan, Global Logistics Director, Solvay

“2020 highlighted the importance of data transparency and cross functional communication when managing supply chains. This is essential so that companies can deliver the right product in the right quantity at the right time to satisfy customer demand.”

-Alice Signori, North American Logistics Manager, Koozie Group 

“Coming into 2021, I’m thinking about three things: 1) elastic supply chains-  a more resilient, digital supply chain that drives visibility, control and flexibility. 2) increased automation – Industry 4.0 trends in manufacturing and robotization of supply chains will be more common. 3) Circular supply chains – move away from linear supply chains to more circular to not only reduce cost but be more carbon natural to achieve sustainability goals.”

- Sudarsan Thattai, CIO, Lineage Logistics 

“We have never limited society this much in the modern age and I predict once the world is free to work, travel and play again it will be a powder keg of demand for months to come. Those companies that are able to leverage technology to link capacity – customer demand – valued services dynamically will win in this new world.” 

-Nate Wells, SVP, XPO Logistics 


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