Announcing Our Investment in Starsky Robotics

Driverless trucks that don’t leave drivers in the dust

Announcing Our Investment in Starsky Robotics

We‘re very proud to formally and publicly announce the first investment Dynamo made — Starsky Robotics. Stefan, Kartik, and the rest of the team at Starsky just came out of stealth.

Personally, it marks my first investment, and the significance of this journey is etched into my memory. Beyond that, it’s an important day for trucking as a unique player enters the autonomous trucking arena.

I first met Stefan when he was thinking through this concept on a highway trip. We continued to stay in touch, and his energy and tenacity towards solving large problems stuck with me.

About a year ago, Ted and I met with him and Kartik for lunch to decide if we wanted to be an early investor. We walked away believing in their vision for the company and admiring their ability to work with truck drivers- not against them. Furthermore, in that meeting we saw Stefan’s passion and Kartik‘s impressive approach to building the product. We also saw in them an uncanny ability to attract serious talent. All this is why we believe in this team. And that is why we immediately decided to support them — Not just with our capital, but also with the industry context they were seeking.

We’re proud of what the team has already accomplished. From their first paid load last fall as graduates from YC to more recent milestones, Starsky is set to change the face of logistics forever.


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