Announcing Our Investment in

Improving patient outcomes through improved clinical trial logistics

Announcing Our Investment in

Yesterday, it was made public that the team at closed a seed round. Rust and Michael started in the Amazon fulfillment business taking a design + data approach to build a 10x better operation. Some time in, they realized they wanted to apply their opportunity in a more impactful way. The brothers discovered, through their network, the need and the opportunity for a better designed, data-driven approach to driving the clinical trial value chain.

Through their participation in the Dynamo Accelerator last year, I saw first-hand their passion and acumen for clinical trial management — which we estimate to be a $30B market (6M patient enrollments in 2016) that will show continued growth for the next several years. The pair approach process automation thoughtfully so that it empowers the healthcare professionals serving patients. Here at Dynamo, improving wellness is something we take personal interest in and believe is important to improve and iterate on. We hope that improvement in this area of the value chain can have meaningful impact on constituents.

We are happy to have supported Rust and Michael since the early innings and through through their recent fundraise. We also look forward to partnering with Vivek Garipalli and our other new partners. As part of the transaction, I will join the board in an observer role.

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