Re-Air: Drew McElroy of Transfix

Harmonizing physical and digital operations

*From time to time we’ll re-air a previous episode of the show that our newer audience may have missed.*

In this episode, Santosh is joined by Drew McElroy, Co-founder and Chairman of Transfix. Santosh and Drew’s discussion revolves around the Transfix story and harmonizing physical and digital operations.

Highlights of this conversation include: 

  • Transfix’s origin story (1:35)
  • Applying software to create a competitive advantage and drive people toward the future (5:05)
  • With every segment of the supply chain being digitized, where is the digitalization really accelerating? (9:10)
  • Learning to harmonize the digital and the physical to become a world-class 3PL (14:14)
  • Addressing criticism of margins in digital freight brokerage and driving value (18:30)
  • Full truckload vs. less than truckload and listening to AI to solve problems (28:05)
  • Challenges of going from a start up to a scale up and knowing when to step aside as CEO (38:41)

Drew McElroy co-founded Transfix in 2013 with the goal of creating a simpler, smarter and more sustainable freight ecosystem. Learn more about Transfix at

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