Re-Air: David Boardman of Stockpile Reports

Supply chain management in bulk goods

*From time to time, we’ll re-air a previous episode of the show that our newer audience may have missed.*

Santosh is joined by David Boardman, co-founder and CEO of Stockpile Reports for this week’s episode. Founded in 2012, Stockpile Reports set out to deploy an easy to use, timely, and cost-effective inventory management platform. Using advanced image processing and computer vision, Stockpile Reports creates a system of record for bulk assets with automated, real-time volumetric results.

Highlights from their conversation included:

  • Using advanced image processing to help bulk materials companies eliminate that year-end surprise (1:14)
  • How bulk materials companies used to assess their inventory (5:53)
  • Interpreting pixels captured by smartphones, drones and more for attributes of a stockpile (9:38)
  • Sample use cases for image acquisition and data integration (13:00)
  • Attitude shifts in inventory management in 2020 (17:37)
  • Offering a bundled option compared to a white label option (19:35)
  • Focusing on a problem to solve and partnering to provide a complete solution (23:23)
  • Projecting the future of Stockpile Reports (25:22)

Stockpile Reports enables companies to become the market leaders by solving their most difficult inventory, operations, and financial problems with their Every Pile, Any Time™ mindset. Turn your biggest headache into an asset you can leverage to create competitive advantage through material visibility across your enterprise supply chains. Find out more at

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