FoSC #74: Jeremy Bodenhamer of Shiphawk

"Adapt or die" in retail and eCommerce

On this week’s episode of The Future of Supply Chain, Santosh is joined by Jeremy Bodenhamer, co-founder and CEO of ShipHawk, and together they discuss what it means for a business to “Adapt or Die”, the title of Jeremy’s new book. Founded in 2012, ShipHawk is a packing and shipping software for high-volume retail, wholesale, and eCommerce ERP-connected companies to lower their packing and shipping costs so they can compete with eCommerce giants.

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • Introduction to Jeremy Bodenhamer and ShipHawk (1:16)
  • The state of the shipping industry (4:57)
  • The purpose of the ShipHawk modules (7:06)
  • Benefits for the customers in adopting ShipHawk (10:08)
  • Writing the book “Adapt or Die” and the focus on behind the buy button (12:14)
  • The five APIs of the Apocalypse (18:31)
  • Robots work, people rule (23:24)
  • Why Jeremy wrote the book (28:15)

ShipHawk accounts for SKU data at the item level to provide a baseline for rating and automation that removes the human element from the carrier selection and fulfillment process. Because it looks at the individual items within an order, ShipHawk automatically accounts for split shipments, drop shipments, multiple boxes, volume, location and other variables that often end up costing more than expected or disrupting fulfillment. Find out more at

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