FoSC #65: Alden Woodrow of Ike

Autonomous long haul trucking

In this week’s episode, Santosh is joined by Alden Woodrow, founder, and CEO of IKE, an autonomous trucking startup launched in 2018 by veterans of Google, Apple, and Uber.

With more than 170 billion miles a year being driven on the highway by the trucking industry, Santosh and Alden discuss how Ike is working to automate that part of the freight delivery journey.

Important points in the conversation include:

  • Alden breaks down his background with supply chain and automation (1:18)
  • The state of self-driving vehicles in 2020 (2:47)
  • How Ike differentiates itself from competitors (14:31)
  • Navigating regulations and ensuring safety (19:39)
  • Discussing the news of working with Ryder, NFI, and DHL (28:01)
  • Pitching to fleets and helping them prepare for this vision of the future (34:03)
  • Alden’s take on the value of demonstrating the technology on public roads early on (37:01)

Ike is building cutting-edge automation technology to help improve the trucking industry. Ike envisions a world with automated trucks that focus on highway driving and hand-off the more complex and high-value parts of freight transportation to human operators. Find out more at

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