FoSC #103: Justin Sky of Rose Rocket

The network TMS concept

​​This week on The Future of Supply Chain, Santosh talks with Justin Sky, co-founder and CEO of Rose Rocket, a Toronto-based transportation management system. 

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • Building a next-generation transportation management system (1:03)
  • Announcing Rose Rocket’s Series A and discussing bringing a horizontal software to address multiple trucking verticals (6:09)
  • Providing transparency with a platform layer (11:30)
  • How Rose Rocket solves problems for its customers (15:36)
  • The Rose Rocket shipper portal and a freemium model (17:21)
  • Three points on what makes Rose Rocket stand out (19:56)
  • Business best practices, pricing strategy, and scaling culture (21:21)
  • Making adjustments to office life (28:30)
  • Lessons learned from being a Canadian business (31:03)

Rose Rocket is a platform transportation management software (TMS) that helps manage the unique needs of today’s transportation companies, helping improve communications with systems, customers, and the people who move freight. Find out more at:

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