#123: Ajesh Kapoor of Semicab

Driving collaboration in trucking

During this episode, Santosh is joined by Ajesh Kapoor, the founder and CEO at Semicab. Semicab is North America’s only Collaborative Transportation Platform that is taking the rarity out of multi-enterprise collaboration in transportation. Santosh and Ajesh discuss how Semicab is solving problems for shippers.

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • What’s being built at Semicab (1:08)
  • The Ajesh story (2:50)
  • The problems Semicab is solving for its customers (5:04)
  • Semicab as a collaborative platform (9:24)
  • Getting scale behind new technology (11:58)
  • Benefiting from Semicab’s advantaged approach (16:03)
  • Integrating with Semicab (18:05)
  • When Semicab is not a great solution (19:27)
  • How Semicab is promoting ESG goals (21:18)
  • Rapid-fire round: signs of a pending freight recession, the future of digital freight brokerage, favorite book (23:01)

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