#122: Rob Forsythe of Milk Moovement

Udderly everything in dairy supply chain

During this episode, Santosh is joined by Rob Forsythe, co-founder and CEO of the Milk Moovement. Milk Moovement is a is a powerful tool that connects all players in the dairy supply chain via transportation monitoring, production tracking, quality monitoring, and producer payment. Santosh and Rob break down the ins and outs of the dairy industry, talk about the kind of data farmers are interested in, and more.

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • Milk Moovement’s mission (1:20)
  • The Rob story (2:30)
  • Breaking down the dairy industry (5:10)
  • The data farmers are interested in (8:40)
  • The benefits of leveraging Milk Moovement (11:11)
  • The scale of Milk Moovement (13:32)
  • The grand vision for Milk Moovement (15:05)
  • Benefits of taking daily walks (18:02)
  • Valuable business lesson (19:58)
  • If you could take up an opportunity in supply chain… (21:27)

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