#116: Chris Stallman of Fontinalis

Investing in supply chain and mobility

During this episode, Santosh is joined by Chris Stallman, a partner at Fontinalis. Fontinalis invests in early-stage startups that enable efficient movement and “horizontal” enabling technologies. Santosh and Chris discuss investing in supply chain mobility, “hidden frictions,” and more.

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • Chris’ entry into venture (1:27)
  • Fontinalis’ start and current investments (4:58)
  • Automotive’s impact on Fontinalis (8:56)
  • Investing in hardware versus software (11:33)
  • Autonomous vehicles (17:02)
  • EVs and commercial applications (21:30)
  • eCommerce enablement (23:11)
  • The of role Spack (24:29)
  • Advice for founders (27:42)
  • Rapid fire round: COVID breaking open the heartland as a place to build a big business, most important daily habit, outlook for Michigan football (30:48)

Dynamo is a VC firm led by supply chain and mobility specialists that focus on seed stage, enterprise startups. Find out more at: https://www.dynamo.vc/.