#105: David Nothacker of sennder

The unicorn of European digital freight brokerage

The Future of Supply Chain is kicking off its European Tour as Santosh is joined from Berlin by sennder’s co-founder and CEO David Nothacker the Unicorn of Digital Brokerage.

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • David’s story and pivoting from his original idea (1:36)
  • Tapping into the European road freight market (4:57)
  • Balancing organic and inorganic growth (9:12)
  • Understanding what motivates the team around you (13:39)
  • Re-inventing business models, including with autonomous trucks (17:06)
  • Fostering trust with carriers and shippers (21:10)
  • Managing a wide network of carriers (24:23)
  • Employees contribution to sennder’s culture (28:09)
  • David’s effective habits and advice for entrepreneurs (30:41)

sennder places a focus on digitization and automation of all road logistics processes and positions itself as Europe’s leading freight forwarder that connects shippers with a fleet of thousands of trucks. Find out more at: https://www.sennder.com/about-us

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