Re-Air: Peter Tirschwell and Eric Johnson of IHS Markit & Journal of Commerce

The future of international logistics

*From time to time, we’ll re-air a previous episode of the show that our newer audience may have missed.*

In this week’s episode, Santosh is joined by Peter Tirschwell and Eric Johnson from IHS Markit and its Journal of Commerce (JOC). Eric, the JOC’s senior editor for technology, is the show’s first returning guest after appearing on the show’s 38th episode. Peter is the vice president for maritime and trade business at IHS Markit and is responsible for all content appearing in JOC publications, websites, events and other products.

Their conversation about the state of the container shipping industry covered:

  • The state of the container business in 2020 (3:34)
  • Integration ambition, building larger vessels and depressing sea rates (9:56)
  • Carrier consolidation and global alliances (15:10)
  • Carriers being smart with pricing and keeping space open (19:23)
  • Technological adoption for liners (22:00)
  • Average annual global container growth and proliferation of regional trade (30:44)
  • What does the state of global trade mean for VCOs? (37:21)

IHS Markit positions itself as the leading source of information and insight in critical areas that shape today's business landscape. Customers around the world rely on IHS Markit to address strategic and operational challenges. Find out more at

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