Re-Air: Craig Fuller of FreightWaves

Freight data, trucking, and digital brokerages

*From time to time we’ll re-air a previous episode of the show that our newer audience may have missed.*

On this episode, Santosh is joined by Craig Fuller, Founder and CEO of Freighwaves. Craig and Santosh have a robust conversation spanning across the founding of Freight Waves, the state of digital brokerages, and the biggest lessons learned in building:  

  • How Craig coined Chattanooga as the “Freight Alley” and decided to found Freightwaves there (1:58)
  • How the Sonar Freight Forecasting Platform works (11:38)
  • Bull or Bear outlook for the freight markets moving forward? (24:20)
  • The current state of digitizing freight (31:42)
  • The biggest lessons learned in building Freightwaves & the purpose of the media arm (41:20)
  • Where new founders should be focusing their efforts (48:00)

Craig has led the Freightwaves team to raise over $75 million to build products like Sonar and FreightWaves TV which serves a daily audience of over 25,000 viewers . You can learn more about the Craig and the Freightwaves team by visiting

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