FoSC #94: Chris Richter of FloorFound

Returns and re-commerce

On this week’s episode of The Future of Supply Chain, Santosh talks with Chris Richter, founder and CEO of FloorFound. They discuss how FloorFound seeks to find efficient ways of managing the collection, inspection, and re-sale of big and bulky items.

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • The vision of FloorFound—to expand the lifespan of retail products and enable sustainability efforts (1:15)
  • Chris’ background and how that led him to FloorFound (2:45)
  • Oversized returns and impact on repeat buyers (5:27)
  • Pandemic acceleration of oversized eCommerce market (8:11)
  • Defining re-commerce (10:41)
  • Benefits about partnering with FloorFound (14:25)
  • The heavy lifting FloorFound does behind the scenes and dealing with current supply chain limitations (18:49)
  • Circular economy principles and sustainability perspectives (23:25)
  • Most surprising lessons learned as an entrepreneur (28:39)
  • Running a business in Austin (31:05)
  • Intentional habits that helped fuel Chris’ success (33:56)

FloorFound is an Austin, Texas, based company that helps big/bulky eCommerce retailers turn their returns and trade-ins into a resale opportunity, providing efficiency in velocity and cost recovery, while maintaining the brand’s integrity. Find out more at

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