FoSC #86: John Urban of GT Nexus

Founding, scaling, and selling a supply chain software business

On this week’s episode of The Future of Supply Chain, Santosh talks with John Urban, the now-retired co-founder and president of GT Nexus. John shares about his experience founding, scaling, and selling his supply chain software business. 

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • John Urban’s background (1:32)
  • The innovations of GT Nexus “The slowest overnight success” (3:29)
  • Challenges with over interest in visibility and whether visibility is a means to an end (6:20)
  • Consulting with young companies to take the supply chain to the next level (10:19)
  • AI and digitization (15:02)
  • Long-term adjustments for good sparked by a global pandemic (17:01)
  • How John decided to lean in and work with the companies he’s with today (21:09)
  • Product-oriented advice for startups in the supply chain (24:54)
  • Selling software into an industry that is slow to adopt software (26:57)
  • Digesting decades of experience (30:19)

GT Nexus is now Infor Nexus. Find out more at 

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