FoSC #82: David Warrick of Microsoft

Automation, end-to-end visibility, and digital transformation

On this week’s episode of The Future of Supply Chain, Santosh talks with David Warrick, Microsoft’s Global Supply Chain GM. Together they look at how the supply chain industry is on the cusp of going from a stagnant system to being a “thinking, living, breathing supply chain.” 

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • Microsoft’s global supply chain and David’s engineering background (1:22)
  • David’s responsibility to make sure the right product gets to the right place at the right time (9:24)
  • Dealing with the demand for the latest Xbox (10:31)
  • End-to-end visibility and turning events into supply chain events (12:21)
  • Is RPA where the value is? (17:23)
  • How automation will impact the supply chain (20:08)
  • The cognitive supply chain (24:10)
  • Digital transformation and layering on top of ERP (29:50)
  • Excitement about opportunities in the present and future of the supply chain (33:28)

Microsoft’s global supply chain will have 1.3 million unique ship-to locations this year. Find out more about Microsoft.

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