FoSC #78: Trey Closson of Georgia Pacific

Maritime logistics

On this week’s episode of The Future of Supply Chain, Santosh is joined by Trey Closson, director of maritime logistics at Georgia Pacific. As a part of Koch Industries, they are the largest US exporter of containerized ocean freight. 2020 was an interesting year for maritime freight and in this conversation, Santosh and Trey explore what 2021 and the future of the industry might look like.

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • The breadth of the supply chain efforts at Georgia Pacific and Trey’s background in philosophy and urban development (1:13)
  • Current state of ocean freight (4:23)
  • Will there be a leveling of the playing field between west and east coast ports? (9:10)
  • What’s top of mind for international logistics in 2021? (13:00)
  • Incentives for carriers to have more competitive rates (16:18)
  • What is the next opportunity for founders to explore? (19:31)
  • Thinking about engagement with start-ups (23:11)
  • Understanding the virtuous cycles of mutual benefit (23:58)

With more than 30,000 employees globally and 180 locations worldwide, Georgia Pacific is a household name. They are one of the world’s leading makers of tissue, pulp, packaging, building products and related chemicals. Find out more at

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