FoSC #69: Jeff Dangelo of Turvo

Enabling collaboration and digital transformation

On this week’s episode, Santosh talks with Jeff Dangelo, founder of Turvo. Turvo is a collaborative logistics platform that focuses on interaction between organizations in the supply chain.

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • Introduction to Turvo and Jeff Dangelo (1:09)
  • Why Jeff doesn’t see Turvo as a TMS (6:52)
  • Discussing the fate of the broker over the next few years (13:12)
  • Productivity gains seen by customers and brokers (17:04)
  • Where Turvo is situated in the future of the supply chain (22:39)
  • Strategizing on pricing and freemium plans (28:02)
  • Rapid-fire questions about industry news (32:29)

Turvo works to empower shippers, carriers, LSPs, and brokers with a streamlined, connected approach to comprehensive supply chain management, all in one platform. Find out more at

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