FoSC #64: Julian Counihan of Schematic Ventures

Investing in warehousing automation

In this episode, Santosh is joined by Julian Counihan, General Partner at Schematic Ventures. Julian started a career in technology as a software developer for warehouse control and automation systems and since then staked a flag in investing in the supply chain sector. 

Santosh and Julian discussion covered supply chain start-ups, e-commerce, warehouse automation, the coolest robots and more. Highlights in the conversation include:

  • Getting to know Julian’s background in seed investing and the supply chain (1:17)
  • Discussing the current state of warehouse robotics and industrial automation (7:33)
  • The excitement and challenges of rail automation (20:55)
  • Start-ups and avoiding pitfalls with long-sale cycles (23:35)
  • Offering contrarian takes on robotics and investing (33:56)
  • Picking our favorite robots (38:24)

Schematic Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund located in San Francisco. The fund is focused on investments in technology companies within supply chain, manufacturing, commerce infrastructure & digital industrial sectors. Find out more at

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