FoSC #62: Jeremy Kellett of Oakley Trucking

Trucking, recruitment, communication

In this episode, Santosh is joined by Jeremy Kellett, director of recruiting at Oakley Trucking. 

Santosh and Jeremy discussed some of the roadblocks Oakley Trucking faces and ways it’s found to overcome them. This episode focused on:

  • Oakley’s beginning delivering fertilizer and grain and Jeremy’s start in the business (1:06)
  • The differences in owner/operator and company driver business models (7:03)
  • How Oakley avoids the high turnover rate common in the industry (11:10)
  • Challenges of dry bulk commodity transportation (14:25)
  • Challenges of recruiting great owner/operators and using referrals to find the best drivers (18:15)
  • One-on-one dispatch for communicating with drivers on the road (21:50)
  • Problems of insurance minimums skyrocketing (26:20)
  • Using podcasts for communicating with drivers (30:55)

Oakley Trucking is a family-owned and operated trucking company headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas. You can listen in to their podcast at

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