FoSC #56: David Cote of Honeywell

Leadership lessons for growth-stage CEOs

On this episode, Santosh is joined by the former Chairman and CEO of Honeywell, David Cote. David and Santosh discuss his journey from dead-end jobs to CEO of Honeywell, the top lessons learned over his career, and where he sees things heading next:  

  • David’s early years, life struggles, & turning points (1:25)
  • The wild career ride from nearly being fired to CEO of Honeywell (6:15)
  • Top 3 lessons for growth-stage CEOs (20:55)
  • The one thing David is most proud of from his time at Honeywell (30:45)
  • What will change (and stay the same) in the “new normal” (38:00) 

Thanks to David for joining the show! We enjoyed the exciting and insightful conversation together. You can learn more about David and his brand new book by visiting

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