#125: Anthony Sutardja of Parade AI

Capacity management technology

Brokerage is a multi-faceted industry that Parade AI is diving right into to solve very specific problems. In this episode, Santosh is joined by co-founder and CEO Anthony Sutardja to discuss exactly how they go about that.

Highlights from the conversation:

  • How Parade got started (1:18)
  • Defining capacity management (5:20)
  • The ideal Parade customer/partner (9:10)
  • How capacity management is typically dealt with (10:57)
  • Benefits of working with Parade (12:47)
  • How Parade implements AI (16:52)
  • How Parade interfaces with the TMS (20:33)
  • Lessons from selling into freight brokerages (23:02)
  • The future for the brokerage industry (25:11)
  • Rapide fire round: the slowdown in North American trucking, sustained strength in industrial demand, favorite daily habit (27:11)

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