#120: Rob Bailey of Backbone AI

Managing product information data across supply chains

During this episode, Santosh is joined by Rob Bailey, Founder & CEO, Backbone AI. BackboneAI automates the data connections between manufacturers, distributors and suppliers using advanced AI technology and collaboration features. Santosh and Rob discuss the need for usable no-code data tools in the supply chain and how Backbone provides solutions for their customers.

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • What Rob and team are building at Backbone AI (1:02)
  • Rob’s background and career journey (1:49)
  • The massive ripple effects of spreadsheet limitations (3:56)
  • Backbone’s practical solution: Databots (10:16)
  • The transformation to digital sales happening in B2B (14:27)
  • Backbone IRL: 2 case studies (16:18)
  • Rob’s POV on utilizing the blockchain for supply chain (24:43)
  • Rapid fire on business building (26:54)

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