#115: Luis Izard of Trucksters

Making relays the norm, not the exception

During this episode, Santosh is joined by Luis Izard, the co-founder & CEO of Trucksters. Trucksters is a transport operator that is committed to making transportation safer and faster. Santosh and Luis discuss relays, artificial intelligence, the European market, and more.

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • Trucksters and Luis’s background (1:19)
  • Benefits of Trucksters (4:49)
  • Defining relays (8:15)
  • Why European shippers should implement relays (10:38)
  • The relay vision and market today (12:46)
  • Trucksters’ use of artificial intelligence (14:08)
  • Overcoming the cultural barriers of expansion (16:05)
  • Rapid-fire round: biggest scaling lesson, daily habits, 2022 goal (18:06)

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