#114: David Akinin of Jabu

Digitizing cash-based economies

During this episode, Santosh is joined by David Akinin, Founder and CEO at Jabu. Jabu is a B2B Marketplace that helps establish a digital link between small retailers and suppliers. Santosh and David discuss economic mobility, physical infrastructure, and more.

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • Overview of Jabu (1:14)
  • David’s background (2:09)
  • How operations work in today’s market (5:07)
  • Economic mobility in Africa (8:47)
  • Why David is building Jabu full-stack (9:57)
  • Africa’s physical infrastructure (12:35)
  • The Jabu experience (15:14)
  • Benefits Jabu stakeholders acquire (18:01)
  • Cash-based economy (20:27)
  • Advice for acting on financial opportunities (23:29)
  • Underappreciating broadening the African supply chain (24:46)
  • The future of Jabu (26:16)
  • Speed round: favorite habits, biggest company building challenge, fondest founder memory (27:31)

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