#112: Rob Haney of Clockwork Logistics Systems

Controlling the delivery moment

During this episode, Santosh is joined by Rob Haney, Founder & CEO of Clockwork Logistics Systems. Clockwork is an extension for ERP systems that enables global shippers to have full control of proof of delivery. Santosh and Rob discuss the importance of owning the delivery moment and how software can solve the major delivery issues facing the industry.

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • Rob’s background and founding story (6:02)
  • How Clockwork enables shippers to control the delivery moment (11:06)
  • The 4 key solutions delivered through Clockwork (13:21)
  • The ideal Clockwork customer profile (20:28)
  • Achieving scale by building configurable software (25:31)
  • Solving detention and demurrage through real time delivery tracking (28:27)
  • Fast and fun round: Theranos, 2022 goals, Prediction (33:54)

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