#111: Stephan Sieber of Transporeon

European landscape for supply chain software

We continue the European tour with Stephan Sieber from Transporeon. Transporean is a European digital freight platform serving large multinational clients by providing them with marketing intelligence, benchmarking, procurement management and other support services. Santosh and Jonathan discuss the importance of supply chain for startups as well as the areas with the biggest opportunities for innovation in the supply chain space.

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • Description of Transporeon (1:25)
  • How Stephan got into the Supply Chain technology industry (2:06)
  • The European landscape for supply chain software (5:21)
  • Breaking down Transporeon’s service offerings (11:28)
  • How Transporeon built and launched a carbon visibility product (19:21)
  • Investing in an end to end platform to serve Supply Chain customer needs (26:45)

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