#109: Michael Martocci of SwagUp

Opportunities for innovation in the swag supply chain

Santosh returns to the US for this episode with Michael Martocci, Founder and CEO of SwagUp. Santosh and Michael discuss the history of SwagUp, the current state of the swag supply chain, and opportunities for innovation moving forward.

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • Why Michael started SwagUp  (1:10)
  • The supply chain challenges behind getting startups their Swag (5:26)
  • How SwagUp manages forecasting product availability (9:13)
  • Opportunities for innovation in the swag supply chain (14:28)
  • How the swag supply chain works today (17:20)
  • Managing quality control for customer swag (20:28)
  • How Michael has built learning and growth into his daily habits (26:35)
  • Where to look for future opportunities for innovation (30:10)

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