#106: Oliver Neumann and Moritz Claussen of cargo.one

The digitization of air freight

The Future of Supply Chain’s European Tour continues as Santosh is joined by Oliver Neumann and Moritz Claussen, the co-founders of cargo.one. Founded in Berlin, cargo.one has its focus on digitizing the air freight industry. 

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • What cargo.one is building (1:15)
  • How Oliver and Moritz started two businesses together (2:18)
  • cargo.one’s ideal customer profile (5:49)
  • How air freight handled operations for years and how that’s shifting (8:09)
  • Value add for freight forwarders (10:54)
  • Building an organization that provides technology that scales (14:15)
  • Generating value on both sides of the marketplace (19:08)
  • Importance of cargo.one’s aggregation and workflow (21:13)
  • Global ambitions and perspective of cargo.one (26:44)
  • Adapting to cultural differences in an international marketplace (32:09)
  • Biggest lessons learned since starting cargo.one (34:52)

cargo.one’s platform allows for users to search for quotes, compare real-time quotes across airlines, and then directly book quotes with instant confirmation. Find out more at: https://www.cargo.one/#How-it-works

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