Founders Camp is a three day effort to help founders build their business and drive traction.

Founders will get insights from proven operators and managers who have scaled startups and enterprises. Startups will have opportunities to drive revenue through introductions to potential customers and partners. Hosted in Chattanooga, TN from 9/30 to 10/3.

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Benefits for Founders

Insights to Scale

Gain operational insights from proven operators and managers who have scaled startups and enterprises

Customer Introductions

Introductions to potential customers and partners at both SMEs and Fortune 500 companies

Fundraising Advice

The Dynamo team will offer advice and perspective on fundraising strategy for founders looking to raise

Leaders in Attendance

A collective of startup leaders and corporate executives who are committed to helping startups and supporting the transformation of supply chain.

Jay Overstreet

Director, Supply Chain,
Chick fil A

Shane Hill

Director, Supply Chain,
Chick fil A

John Featherston

Senior Director, New Ventures,
Chick fil A

Traci Shirah

PM, New Ventures, Chick fil A

Omari Henderson

Innovation Lead, Distribution,Chick fil A

Gary Gramajo

Analyst, New Ventures, Chick fil A

Colleen Chen

PM, New Ventures, Chick fil A

Brian Stuelpner

VP Strategy, Schneider National

Shane Achterberg

Director of Innovation,
Schneider National

Joey Hogan

Covenant Transportation

Ryan Rogers

Chief Transformation Officer,
Covenant Transportation

Matt McLelland

Innovation Manager,
Covenant Transportation

Craig Fuller

Founder & CEO, FreightWaves

Dan Pickett

Chief Data Scientist, FreightWaves

Darren Cockrel

CIO, Supply Chain Solutions, UPS

Derek Banta

Director of Innovation, UPS

Breton Birkhofer

Investor, Prologis Ventures

Earnest Sweat

Investor, Prologis Ventures

Erik Ehinger

Purchasing Manager, VW

Gereon Hempel

Purchasing Manager, VW

Lauren Denault

VP Customer Success, Skupos

Ben Gibson

GM Supply Chain Planning, Komatsu

Stan Ellington

VP Supply Chain,
Coca Cola Bottling United

Robert Gaffney

Director of Process Execution,
Coca Cola Bottling United

Kyle Miller

VP Communications, Bellhops

Dan Covert

Director of Supply Chain R&D
Ahold Delhaize

Mark Donley

Director of Logistics, Ahold Delhaize

Scott Ausland

Chief Supply Chain Officer, Gulf Relay

Ankoor Patel

Head of Innovation, GE Transportation

Matthew Williams

Innovation, Southern Champion Tray

Travis Randolph

Innovation, Southern Champion Tray

David Caines

COO, Kenco Group

Sean Coakley

SVP Product, Kenco Group

Kristi Montgomery

VP Innovation & R&D, Kenco Group

Jason Trachewsky

CEO, Aquifi

Brian Trautschold

Co-founder & COO, Ambition

Adam Vazquez

Co-founder & CEO, Strafire

Sudarsan Thattai

CTO, Lineage Logistics

Elliot Wolf

CDO, Lineage Logistics

Tyler Tanaka

VP Digital, Pilot

Ginny Holmes

Digital Product Manager, Pilot

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